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  • 30/09/2019 23:04

    Czech4You Language Centre celebrates 7 years :-)

    We would like to thank students and fans for their friendship and support of us in many ways :-)

  • 28/11/2018 10:02

    Gift voucher for Individual Czech lessons :-)

    Would you like to give an original present? What about a gift voucher for a Czech language course or an Individual Czech lessons? When you are wishing someone happy birthday or wishing all the best at any occasion and handing them an envelope…give to her/him something more valuable than money...

  • 01/10/2018 09:54


    by Marie Sládková While sitting here in classroom in Ostrava's Czech4You Language Centre, I've come to realise how much my life has changed since I started teaching Czech.  I currently have students from countries such as Australia, Denmark, Japan, Egypt, Mexico, Canada, Venezuela, Italy,...

  • 03/09/2018 17:36

    List of Some Czech Mistakes Made by English Speakers

    by Marie Sládková During years of teaching Czech, I have encountered lots of mistakes made by English speakers. Mistakes are mistakes, but thanks to them, we learn in our lives how to do things right :-) Native English speakers tend to make mistakes in Czech and it is mainly because they do the...

  • 17/01/2018 14:04

    Orientace v přírodě / Orientation in nature

    To be able to orientate outdoors belongs to basic skills, which should learn an every enthusiast and lover moving in nature. There are many situations when orientation and work with a map are handy.  I am writing here a few useful words in Czech:  map - mapa orienteering compass -...

  • 08/01/2018 20:44

    V naší ulici - písnička do nepohody

    Máte špatnou náladu? Are you in a bad mood? Tato písnička Vám určitě zlepší náladu ;-) Mně Ti hoši (kluci) vykouzlili úsměv na tváři :-) Písnička má jednoduchou češtinu, tak byste měli rozumět aspoň trošku :-) Tady je text ... v hodině češtiny si ji přeložíme ;-) Klip:...

  • 08/01/2018 07:55

    Jak správně prostřít stůl

    Víte jak správně prostřít stůl? ... Do you know how to set a table properly? Zde je návod v češtině ... Here are the instructions in Czech :-)

  • 24/05/2017 20:51

    Domácí úkol (recept na pizzu) - Chicago Pizza od mého studenta Andrewa z Pensylvánie

    Pokud budete mít chuť, můžete recept vyzkoušet. Recept je v české i anglické verzi. Dobrou chuť :-)   Chicago Pizza EN Version.pdf 

  • 10/05/2017 15:10

    How do you want your eggs? / Jak chcete udělat vajíčka?

    How many times have you been asked that at a restaurant and not known exactly how to answer it?  Here are answers in Czech :-) volské oko s pažitkou → sunny side up egg or fried egg with chives favourite No. 1... in picture ;-) pažitka ze zahrádky je nejlepší  → chives from your...

  • 06/05/2017 14:11

    Česká chlebová polévka - Czech Bread Soup

    The word "chleba" you surely know. Did you know that in the past, our great great grandmothers cooked "Chlebová polévka / Bread Soup", the food of the poor? Our ancestors would not throw away food - least of all bread, which they considered to be a gift from God.  I love cooking and I like to...

  • 22/02/2017 12:20

    Czech composer Antonín Dvořák

    Do you know world known Czech composer Antonín Dvořák? Here is his most popular symphony...The Symphony No. 9 in E Minor From the New World, part No. 4 (Czech: Symfonie č. 9 e-moll "Novosvětská" či "Z nového světa"), popularly known as the New World Symphony. Symphony was composed by...

  • 02/04/2015 00:00

    Velikonoce - Easter

    We have many traditions during the year in the Czech Republic. One of them is Easter (Velikonoce in Czech). Velikonoce is a holiday religious and pagan. Many Czech people don’t eat meat on Great Friday (Velký pátek). We all decorate our homes (houses, flats) with Easter symbols mostly related...

  • 24/03/2015 06:58

    Recept na Špagety Carbonara od našeho studenta Giulia z Itálie

    Máte rádi Špagety Carbonara a nevíte jak na to? Tady je  originální italský recept od našeho studenta Giulia ... samozřejmě v češtině :-) You love Spaghetti Carbonara and you don't know how to do it? Here is the original Italian recipe from our student Giulio ... of course in Czech...

  • 12/11/2014 18:10

    Our students learn about Czech culture :-)

    Our Spanish student tried to play the cimbalom in Vracov (South Moravia) :-)

  • 11/11/2014 17:48

    St. Martin's Day

    A Czech proverb connected with the Feast of St. Martin  "Martin přijíždí na bílém koni" (trans. "Martin is coming on a white horse") - signifies that the first half of November in the Czech Republic is the time when it often starts to snow. St. Martin’s Day is the traditional...

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