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  • 07/08/2013 10:14

    At the Bank - V bance

    You might find it useful to know these new words :) Marie, your Czech teacher     Kde je banka?  Where is a bank? Potřebuji si vyměnit peníze. I need to exchange money. Jaký je směnný kurz? What is the exchange rate? Váš pas prosím. Your passport, please. Kde je...

  • 25/07/2013 17:11

    Meeting People - Useful phrases

                  Let me introduce myself.  Dovolte mi, abych se představil. What's your name? Jak se jmenujete? (formal)  Jak se jmenuješ? (informal) My name is Jana. Jmenuji se Jana. Nice to meet you. / Pleased to meet you. Těší mě. Těší mě, že Vás...

  • 09/07/2013 13:31

    Czech tongue twisters :-)

    Listening to tongue twisters is one way to improve your Czech pronunciation. It's very difficult to say tongue twisters in Czech so don't worry if you can't do it very well at first, just have fun! Listen to the tongue twister and practise saying it. How fast can you say it? I am...

  • 30/04/2013 20:15

    Verb JÍT vs verb JET

    It could be very difficult for non-Czech speaking people to use verbs "jít" and "jet" correctly.   One verb, to go, is expressed by at least two verbs in Czech.   If we are speaking about walking, or going on foot, we use the verb "jít". This verb can take prefixes such...

  • 11/04/2013 15:08

    Czech meals

    Czech meals in Czech restaurants ... learn new words...   Dobrou chuť :-)     Beef sirloin with dumplings and vegetable cream sauce (picture) Svíčková na smetaně, knedlík   Roast pork, dumplings and sauerkraut Vepřová pečeně, knedlík, zelí  or...

  • 28/03/2013 17:24

    Colours in our life

    Spring is about colours, food is about colours, fashion is about colours.... Do you know colours in Czech language? Try to learn them... :-)   colour - barva colourful - barevný, barevná, barevné   red - červená blue - modrá green - zelená yellow  - žlutá black...

  • 20/03/2013 09:25

    Česká píseň "Něco o lásce" / Czech song "Something about love"

    Try to listen the Czech songs ... Thanks to the Czech songs, you can also improve your Czech. If you don't know some word use dictionary. Good luck :-)     Here is one song and text of this song for you:  "Něco o lásce" / "Something about...

  • 18/02/2013 22:51

    Czech National Anthem

    Kde domov můj? (Czech pronunciation: [ˈɡdɛ ˈdomof ˈmuːj]; in English: Where is my home?) is a piece of music written by the composer František Škroup and the playwright Josef Kajetán Tyl. The piece was written as a part of the incidental music to the comedy Fidlovačka aneb Žádný hněv a žádná...

  • 14/02/2013 21:57

    Join us on Facebook :-)

    We have students from Australia, Japan, Egypt, Mexico, USA, Canada, Venezuela, Italy, Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Greece, Germany, Poland, Cameroon, China, Russia, Korea and Spain. Maybe you are missing your country in our list :-)......Join us :-) Our CZECH LESSONS are here for...

  • 08/02/2013 10:10

    Are you going to the doctor?

    Tell your doctor what’s wrong with you. He asks you questions about your body..... Do you know what hurts you?  

  • 31/01/2013 09:12

    Have you ever played football with your classmates or your teacher?

      In our Czech lessons is it possible :-) Why? Do you know game "Verbal football"? You can play this game with your classmates or your teacher in our Czech lessons :-) Aim of the game is practice your Czech vocabulary. The principle is quite simple…Do you want to know more? Visit us...

  • 06/01/2013 13:03

    Czech lessons with individual approach :-)

    You don‘t like a lot of people in your Czech language course? Do you feel that your teacher doesn’t give you so much attention as you wish? Do you prefer an individual approach to teaching of the Czech language?  We can prepare our Czech lessons according  to your needs. Come to us...

  • 12/11/2012 15:02

    Prepare with us for the Examination of the Czech Language for Permanent Residence in the Czech Republic!

    Read more:

  • 01/11/2012 20:04

    Czech Art Nouveau painter – Alfons Mucha

    Alfons Maria Mucha in Czech pronunciation: [ˈalfons ˈmuxa]  (24 July 1860 – 14 July 1939), known in English and French as Alphonse Mucha, was a Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist, known best for his distinct style. He produced many paintings, illustrations, advertisements,...

  • 29/10/2012 19:45

    You don't like textbooks and workbooks?

    We can prepare for you lessons with more fun  without textbooks and workbooks. Principle of questions and answers. Discuss, ask questions, learn about a new culture in Czech!   Our Czech conversation is here for you.  

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