Verb JÍT vs verb JET

30/04/2013 20:15

It could be very difficult for non-Czech speaking people to use verbs "jít" and "jet" correctly.

One verb, to go, is expressed by at least two verbs in Czech.
If we are speaking about walking, or going on foot, we use the verb "jít". This verb can take prefixes such as při- or ode-
JÍT – to walk
Jdu do obchodu. – I am walking to the shop.
Včera jsem šel k zubaři. – I went to the dentist yesterday.
Přišel domů. - He came home.
If we're speaking about going somewhere by car, bus, train ... we use the verb "jet". This verb can take prefixes such as při- or od(e)-
JET – to travel, to go by ...
V sobotu jedeme do Prahy vlakem. –  We are going to Prague by train on Saturday.
Pojedeš s námi? – Are you going with us?
Odjeli jsme v šest hodin. – We left at six.
Sometimes you can hear also the verb "chodit". This means to go regularly and it is related to physical or cultural activities.
Jak často chodíš běhat? – How often do you go running?
Rád chodím do kina. – I like going to the cinema.



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