Emergency call numbers in the Czech Republic - People in distress

13/01/2014 15:27

Write these numbers into your phone... Maybe these numbers help you one day ... 
Marie, your Czech teacher

An emergency call is considered as calling free of charge in telephone networks. Specified emergency call numbers accessible for salvation of life, health and property.


Emergency call numbers:


112    Notification of each extraordinary situation,  esp. when solved by several rescue bodies IRS,  and in cases when announcer doesn’t know which of national emergency call numbers is suitable to use;

·         For foreigners (prepared to dispatch calls in foreign languages);

·         For using in mobile networks even without a SIM card or with no credit;

·         Emergency call is using all mobile networks to hand;


150     Notification of fires, natural disasters, accidents and emergencies      

155     Medical Rescue Service

158     Czech Police

156     Municipal (city) police


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